Mach Xtreme MX-ES Ultra SLC USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review (64GB)


Traditionally, the common complaint many have had with flash drives was that they seemed to fail when needed most.  This his changed somewhat but the consumer should realize that those flash drives that accompany product packaging or are bought at little or no cost are just that; cheap flash drives using components that would never be used in a quality product.  You get what you pay for and, at least in the last few years, we are finding flash drives that cost a bit more but can be trusted to store information without fail; they contain quality parts.

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Some of these drives even reach SATA 3 speeds of 400MB/s or faster, and the price that you will pay for these high-speed flash drives is commensurate with the need.  The unfortunate reality of flash technology, however, is that the consumer has been sold on purchasing products of the highest performance, although they either cannot, or will not reach those advertised speeds.  This is always seen within SSDs where those phenomenal advertised 550MB/s are ever really reached by the consumer less than 1% of the time.  Don’t get us wrong; speed is an important factor when you understand your own data transfer needs and the 210MB/s speeds of the MX-ES Ultra will suffice perfectly for 99% of all user scenarios.

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Our next question is whether there is a market need for a SLC flash drive and we believe there definitely is. This flash drive is the ideal flash drive for the industry professional who needs that confidence that there will be as little chance as possible of a failure and trusting SLC, rather than MLC or TLC does just that.  SLC is simply the most reliable and high endurance memory money can by, and that why it is ‘typically’ so expensive.  We would expect nothing less than the included 5 year warranty from this flash drive, although we are absolutely certain this will last much longer and the life span of any other flash drive on the market will pale in comparison.

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Last but not least, pricing will always be an important factor in product success, and this drive is making its appearance at $2/GB.  Quite frankly this isn’t bad considering the cost of manufacturing leans heavily on SLC memory for that improved reliability and endurance.  At just over $100 for the largest 64GB capacity, we are certain that there are many in the industry that will happily grab one of these for their most valuable data.  After all, Mach Xtreme has gone that extra length with the solid metal case, making this drive impact resistant, and also able to weather extreme low and high temperature fluctuations.

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SLC Memory For Added Data Protection

The Mach Xtreme MX-ES Ultra Flash Drive is a high speed, reliable and high endurance product that comes with a 5 year warranty. This just might be the most capable flash drive on the market for those who need to store highly sensitive data without fear of failure.

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Benjamin Hojnik
Benjamin Hojnik

Wow, those writes (atleast for a 64GB device) are insane… Random 4K on the other hand…

Dean Dayton Rogers
Dean Dayton Rogers

Interesting review ! SLC flash drives are indeed extremely rare beasts, there is one other company that also made some SLC flash drives – Transcend .They were listed in product leaflets recently (maybe 2 years ago) ….
Price wise this flash drive is very attractive for SLC , I remember paying around $130 for a chunky light gold colored 8GB Transcend Jetflash flash drive with SLC 6 years ago 🙂

Benjamin Hojnik
Benjamin Hojnik

I wonder if they are using an actual SLC flash or just 128GB of MLC and then simulated to SLC…


From Mach Xtreme: The MX-ES USB3.0 Series utilizes hand-selected top performance Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND to offer extreme performance and endurance over Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND, which is typically used in other USB3.0 pendrives. Changing the NAND components from MLC to SLC significantly increases the performance and longevity of MX-ES Ultra flash drive. These USB3.0 flash pendrives are much more durable and reliable and are built to endure severe operating environments such as extreme cold and hot temperatures, continuous vibration, high shock impact, intensive read-write cycles etc. Such features are essential to users that require a more robust and… Read more »