LSI 9265-8i MegaRAID Card vs Adaptec 6805 RAID Card – The Ultimate 6Gb/s RAID Showdown


The Win7 Experience Index (WEI) represents Microsoft’s method of rating computer systems and provides a storage evaluation through a rating system up to 7.9 on several different storage parameters. We use this benchmark as it will view the storage subsystem purely from the metrics that are most relevant for Operating System parameters. This benchmark is built into Windows and anyone can use it by simply typing:

  • Go to Win Orb/All programs/Accessories and right click on the Command prompt;
  • Click ‘Run as Administrator’
  • In DOS, type ‘winsat disk’ and hit enter.

There are large differences between the 9265 and the 6805 right from the start. The 9265 trumps the performance of the 6805 handily in every category.

LSI 9265-8i

Adaptec 6805

The ‘Disk Sequential’ results right away indicate that there is a big difference in the overall throughput capability with these drives. Another thing of note is the ‘Disk Random’ speeds are vastly different. The LSI card comes in at 962 MB/s with random access while the 6805 lags behind tremendously at the same test pattern with a score of 295, a difference 3 times slower than the 9265. The ability of the controllers to handle the small file random is going to be a very good indicator of overall speed.

This is a very important measurement and one that will become a bit of a recurring theme over several benchmarks, as we can see the tremendous power difference in the ROC utilized by both of these RAID controllers. The difference in the speed of the small file random access is going to be come abundantly clear when we compare the latency.

The latency of the 9265 is with respect to average reads is .121, compared to the Adaptec at .321. This again represents roughly 3x difference in latency.

Of note here also are the ‘Latency: Maximum’ results. The Adaptec displays a very high number with 55.151 ms, which is considerably higher than the LSI result of 2.291. We ran this test several times, with several different settings in order to try to isolate the issue to determine if it is in fact an error. Unfortunately this was a recurring issue. This can be problematic in real usage, as there are long maximum wait times for completion of certain transactions. This in turn can adversely affect other transactions, hampering overall performance quite a bit.


AS SSD is tailored specifically for SSDs, and measures several key parameters. Unfortunately many of these results will be redundant with the several SSD measurements that we will be comparing, so we will show two tests in the AS SSD suite. The Compression test is very relevant as we are using SandForce controlled SSDs. Highly compressible data will highlight the highest throughput from these drives. As we are trying to highlight the maximum performance of the controllers, and not the drives, we feel that highly compressible data will suit our testing nicely.

LSI 9265-8iAdaptec 6805These results are pretty illustrative of the large differences in overall speed with regards to the competing solutions. The scale of speed up the left hand side of the benchmarks show a remarkable difference, as the 9265 is totally in its own category here. Across the bottom of the benchmark the percentage values show the compressibility of data and the performance of the respective data types. At the 100% compressible data category, the maximum speed obtainable can be observed from the controllers that we are testing. The LSI demonstrates 2670MB/s Read and 2351MB/s Write speed, compared to the Adaptec with 994MB/s Read and 968MB/s Write. The LSI pulls ahead easily!

The final AS SSD test that we will use is the .iso testing. This emulates real data in file copy and transfers. The results speak for themselves.

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Eero Rantala
Eero Rantala

I unfortunately have the Adaptec 6805 controller and… LOL… where is my garbage can…
I’m running a setup with 4x Kingston 240GB HyperX in R5, the ATTO results arent that shabby… I get 1.5GB/s write and 2.1GB/s read (seq) but…. the short random reads are just terrible… in Winsat it’s only 170 MB/s(!?!).
Funny thing is that when I turn off controller cache I get 9000 MB/s in sequential 64 read… 🙂
I dont however get more than 5ms max response time vs your 55ms value.

Eero Rantala
Eero Rantala

Winsat with all cache OFF (Swedish W7): > Disk Sequential 64.0 Read 8922.99 MB/s 7.9 > Disk Random 16.0 Read 183.16 MB/s 7.6 > Responsiveness: Average IO Rate 1.01 ms/IO 7.9 > Responsiveness: Grouped IOs 7.94 units 7.5 > Responsiveness: Long IOs 1.98 units 7.9 > Responsiveness: Overall 15.69 units 7.9 > Responsiveness: PenaltyFactor 0.0 > Disk Sequential 64.0 Write 576.71 MB/s 7.9 > Genomsnittlig l„stid med sekventiella skriv†tg„rder0.494 ms 7.9 > Svarstid: 95:e percentilen 0.936 ms 7.9 > Svarstid: maximal 2.820 ms 7.9 > Genomsnittlig l„stid med slumpm„ssiga skrivningar0.542 ms 7.9

Eero Rantala
Eero Rantala

Winsat all cache ON: > Disk Sequential 64.0 Read 1207.40 MB/s 7.9 > Disk Random 16.0 Read 170.22 MB/s 7.6 > Responsiveness: Average IO Rate 0.26 ms/IO 7.9 > Responsiveness: Grouped IOs 4.58 units 7.9 > Responsiveness: Long IOs 0.45 units 7.9 > Responsiveness: Overall 2.04 units 7.9 > Responsiveness: PenaltyFactor 0.0 > Disk Sequential 64.0 Write 882.76 MB/s 7.9 > Genomsnittlig l„stid med sekventiella skriv†tg„rder0.239 ms 7.9 > Svarstid: 95:e percentilen 1.013 ms 7.9 > Svarstid: maximal 5.359 ms 7.9 > Genomsnittlig l„stid med slumpm„ssiga skrivningar0.326 ms 7.9

Eero Rantala
Eero Rantala

Next steps to do:
PC –> Adaptec –> Garbage bin

Eero Rantala
Eero Rantala

Hahaaa… my 6805 beats the LSI in the AS SSD copy benchmark 2 of 3:
ISO 880 / 1.22
Program 377 / 3.73
Game 701 / 1.97