Lima Ultra Personal Cloud with Samsung 2TB T3 Portable SSD Review

Technology that makes life simple is a bit easier said then done and something we always strive for.   Technically speaking, the cloud does just that but, let’s be honest…people want their files within reach.  iCloud is a great example of this as, regardless of how easy it is to set up and secure, people don’t want their files located somewhere they cannot control.  The ideal is to have a server, NAS or cloud within one’s home but let’s face it, difficulty of installation and configuration always seems to draw people away from this solition… until Lima Ultra.  

Lima Personal Cloud Open Package

The result of a coincidental run in, we met the Lima team at CES and were challenged to give Lima Ultra a shot.  Our interest in Lima Ultra was, not so much whether we could set it up with an external hard drive (remember… noise, heat, corruption), but rather, a simple flash drive or external SSD.  Our weapon of choice for this report was the Samsung 2TB Portable SSD that we had reviewed previously, and something we also had on hand.  It was a wise choice.

Lima Portable Cloud with Samsung t3 External SSD


The Lima Ultra Personal Cloud is packaged in external cardboard casing, the branding of which does a great job of explaining just what Lima does…and how easy it is to set up. The Lima Ultra contains a quad-core 1.5Ghz CPU that enables lightning fast uploads and downloads, as well as streaming of HD media via Lima’s software interface. Inside, we find Lima Ultra itself, an internet cable, and a plug adapter with 3 different plug attachments enabling Lima Ultra’s use internationally.

Lima Personal Cloud


A very brief installation manual is also included that tells you to attach the external storage device (our Samsung T3), plug the Lima Ultra into a power outlet, connect it to your home router and then go to where it will do the rest.  Does this seem to easy to be true?

Lima internet connectorLima USB Connector



Well… we have to hand it to Lima as it took less than 10 minutes to set up the Lima Ultra Personal Cloud on the Samsung T3, provide access to our PC, as well as providing complete access to our iPhone, iPad and PC ultrabook.  For all devices, there was a small file download to execute and setup was automatic.  The only minor inconvenience that occurred during setup was that our internet connection was a bit touchy on other systems while Lima Ultra was getting set. As well, if like I, you have 80GB of pictures and video on your smartphone which is already on your PC, ensure to shut off automatic backup or duplication will result and you just might find there is no memory left in your phone.


Other than the beauty of all of our files now being on our own home storage and available at anytime and any place, perhaps the key takeaway for the Lima Ultra is its automatic backup of smartphones pictures and videos without cost.  There is only a one time purchase price of about $100 for Lima Ultra on Amazon or at, it installs quickly and easily, and it is multi-platform as well.  Editor’s Choice!

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Editors Choice-SSD copy Opt