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TSSDR Affiliate Reviews for April 4, 2013

Reality shows have become such a big part of part of everyday television. I have to admit that I do like the ‘talent’ shows. I’m not sure how some of these stay on television though. Watching a spoiled ex or current wife, of anyone, just doesn’t seem interesting and calling them ‘housewives’ is unrealistic.  Oh well, back to watching American Idol.


BioShock Infinite Review @ Vortez

bioshock infinite rowing

BioShock was a markee title in the relatively early days of the XBOX 360, spawning commentary on the growing narrative maturity of the First Person Shooter genre, as well as one outright sequel in BioShock 2. For a new generation of gamers it provided an interactive experience where the storytelling and gameplay where equally strong parts of a cohesive whole, whilst also taking on the twin undertakings of a compelling plot which also fed back into your in-game actions. Whilst not strictly novel, the execution set it above the vast majority of contemporary titles. BioShock Infinite therefore has big boots to fill.


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