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TSSDR Affiliate Reviews for March 11, 2014

Daily News

It doesn’t matter what your job title is, what matters is what you contribute. Time after time I am confronted with this situation. As a partner in a successful business I work mostly behind the scenes, while working on the front line of another successful business. I find it interesting that some people think that because you are not always ... Read More »

ADATA Announces 5.2.5 Firmware Update For SSDs With LSI SandForce SF-2200 Series Controllers

sx900 ssd-FEATURE

ADATA Technology, a leading producer of high performance NAND flash products and DRAM modules, is announcing the release of a firmware update, version 5.2.5, for ADATA SSDs that are equipped with LSI SandForce SF-2200 series controllers.  The models affected by this firmware update are:  SX910, SX900, SP900, SP800, S511, S510 and S396. The new firmware update improves SATA stability, and ... Read More »

OCZ Storage Solutions Announces Z-Drive 4500 PCIe SSDs With Windows Accelerator (WXL) Software

OCZ Z-Drive-4500-feature

OCZ Storage Solutions, a Toshiba Group Company and leading producer of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) for both client and enterprise markets, is announcing introduction of their enterprise-class Z-Drive 4500 PCI Express (PCIe) SSD series.  The newest Z-Drive 4500 Series achieves even stronger performance than OCZ’s renowned Z-Drive R4 series.  Utilizing Toshiba’s 19nm MLC NAND flash, the Z-Drive 4500 series features ... Read More »

TSSDR Affiliate Reviews for March 2, 2014

Daily News

Watching the Oscars tonight and pleasantly surprised by the fact they are not boring. It could be that I just enjoy Ellen Degeneres so much.  Is there anyone else who could get movie stars, who have probably being starving themselves for days, to eat pizza on TV no less! HIGHLIGHT REVIEW Sennheiser G4ME Series G4ME ZERO Gaming Headset @ TechnologyX ... Read More »

Apricorn Announces Aegis Padlock SSD — Crush-Resistant, Secure and Encrypted


Apricorn, a leading producer of secure mobile storage devices, is announcing its entry into the ever-growing ruggedized storage device market with its new super-rugged and encrypted USB 3.0 solid-state drive.  The Aegis Padlock SSD is constructed to military-grade durability standards and FIPS 140-2 validated security protocols, and is geared to the rigorous and stringent needs of Military, Law Enforcement and ... Read More »

TSSDR Affiliate Reviews for February 26, 2014

Daily News

Competition and challenge two words that I believe encourage strength. Competition – can be individual or team related, the same as a challenge. You can challenge yourself to be the best you can be by competing against others or for your personal best. Which ever word you choose to use, keep challenging yourself, keep growing. HIGHLIGHT REVIEW SAMSUNG UN60F8000 60″ ... Read More »

Intel’s 3rd Generation SSD Controller Manufactured By LSI

INTELS3500-Controller Featured

The Intel 3rd Generation SSD controller was first seen in  our review of the DC S3700 SSD in late 2012, and followed by our later review of the DC S3500 in May of 2013, both SSDs being enterprise variant drives targeted for the data center. The controller is an 8 channel 6Gbps controller and has enjoyed a great deal of ... Read More »

Memoright Announces XT3 Series of SSDs — Improved Performance Along With Lower-Cost TLC NAND

Memoright XT3

Memoright is announcing their latest SSD offering, the XT3 series, that features lower cost TLC NAND flash memory along with their proprietary Advanced Endurance Write features and Super Cache firmware architecture.  The XT3 series offers a combination of reliability and performance at a lower price point, and is ideal for personal computing usage scenarios. TLC flash memory is widely used ... Read More »

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