NVELO Dataplex 1.3 Firmware Update Released For SSD Cache Drives

NVELO’s proprietary Dataplex caching software has been updated to version 1.3. While the new update does not introduce any new features, it does fix pesky user-reported bugs found in the previous versions, ensuring optimal maintenance and performance.


Resolved Issues:

– Fixed a corner case bug which may result in data corruption.

– Fixed the issue which prevented users from collecting Dataplex
logs due to the hyphen/space in the temp directory.

– Fixed Dell XPS 17 issue that occurred on the 2nd boot after


Dataplex increases the overall performance of your computer by using a low-capacity SSD as a high-performance “cache” for your existing HDD. Intelligent caching algorithms continuously monitor the way “you” are using “your” applications and data, and automatically keep all your “hot” data ready on the SSD for optimal performance.

The new release can be downloaded here. For more information on Dataplex and SSD cache drives, be sure to check out our review of the Corsair Accelerator Series 30GB cache SSD here.