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TSSDR Mega SSD Giveaway Week 2 – Two Corsair Neutron 240GB SSDs (CONTEST CLOSED)

Well it seems that Week 2 of our Grand Birthday SSD Giveaway Celebration may be as big as the first…and then some.

This week, TSSDR has teamed up with Corsair to draw, not one but, two newly released Corsair Neutron 240GB SSDs as part of our SSD Giveaway event and it gets even better as one is the GTX release!  These are two of the top SSDs available on the market today. Check out our review for the Neutron and Neutron GTX.



Jim Lowey of Didsbury Alberta – Neutron 240GB GTX; and
Ron Smith of Goshen, Indiana – Neutron 240GB SSD

It doesn’t stop there though.  We have heard your concerns and amended our rules and regulations accordingly and we are even taking this draw a step further in hopes of making the largest SSD giveaway participation to date.

There is NO REQUIREMENT to like Facebook and, for those who don’t use Facebook, we have found a means to make sure that you have an equal chance to each and every other entry.  Better yet, AT LEAST one of these SSDs will be open to WORLDWIDE ENTRIES! Can you say amazing?


In order to make this contest completely fair to all, we are instituting a ballot system where each person has the opportunity to gain a maximum five ballots (or entries) for this draw.  Here is how you can earn your five entries:

  1. 1 entry – Comment on this post.
  2. 1 entry – Like the post at our Facebook Page here!
  3. 1 entry – Visit the Corsair Facebook Page, wait for Their Post and Like them on their post of our contest here:  (
  4. 1-3 entries – Share our contest in some way, shape or form (ie. Twitter, your FB in a public post, or any other social site).  This can gain FB users one ballot and non-FB users 3 additional ballots to give them the same opportunity as FB users. YOU MUST PROVIDE THIS LINK(S) TO QUALIFY FOR DRAWING.
  5. 1 entry and MANDATORY – Go To our Forum Post here and confirm your five entries by stating and/or providing links.

For those thinking this is far to much trouble, that is a cop out!  Technically the only true requirement to earn your place in the draw is a simple post on our Forum thread and nothing more.  But…aren’t 5 entries better than 1?

PLEASE NOTE:  As of 11:30am Day 1, there were 41 comments here and only 23 on the forum post which means that 18 have ALREADY potentially disqualified themselves by not reading the rules.  We want record numbers of qualified entrants and, personally I hate seeing a great opportunity get passed over because the Rules and Regs weren’t followed.  The winning person will be drawn from the Forum Post and then we will confirm all other ballots from that post!

If for some reason, the Forums doesnt allow your becoming a member, you have been flagged by a SPAM company prior to this and it is on public record.  Contact the site (above) and we will look into this to assist in you becoming a qualifying member.


Please read this as we know that many will disqualify themselves without knowing it for not understanding how the contest winner is drawn. 

At the conclusion of the contest on Sunday September 16, 2012 at 11:59pm, all ballots will be created and two people will be drawn, one for each SSD.  Once the names are drawn, we will go back to the Forum post to confirm that you, in fact, earned all of your ballots and they can be verified.  If they do, you are a winner…simple as that.

If any person states that they did something to earn a ballot when they actually didn’t (ie Liking Facebook and Corsair or sharing without linking etc), they are automatically disqualified and another is drawn.  The contest must be fair to all. This means that it is VERY IMPORTANT to include links when posting a response on our Forums. If you state that you linked it (say on another site) and you don’t include the link, we have to disqualify you. It is important to note that linked posts must be approved on the Forums so give us a bit of time before your post is approved and visible.

NOTE:  This contest has no association with Facebook whatsoever and, the winner will have to answer a rather silly skill testing question in order to be eligible to receive the prize.  Canadian rules…sorry.

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    I cannot do the last step as I am being flagged as a spammer when I tried to register at the forums. Neither is step 3 done as link is not up yet.

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    Thanks for the opportunity, Neutron SSDs with enterprise LAMD controller handle severe random writes at ease. In my opinion, that’s what makes Neutron Series the most desired SSD to possess for the time being.

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  • AuthenticOne

    SSD is still for those who value their time and are willing to spend more money to make more money and not loose their life to old traditional physical spinning hard drives…. I have been onbhard with ssd’s in raid 0 for 3 or 4 years now…

  • Marc-Andre Taillefer

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  • Love your reviews, unfortunately, most of the SSDs reviewed aren’t available here in Malaysia. I can only hope that someday, it will reach my shores. Keep on writing.

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    1)this is the comment to the post

    2)i liked on facebook page (i am matteo) adb732349d3d2486a358cee12803d1d5.png

    3)i liked corsair post here–>

    4)shared on twitter –> 6a7893962a2a794c96a9f96b22dd3076.png

    5)i confirm that i did everything you asked!!!!

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    FB/ Bill Barnes
    Twitter G1killer

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  • Here I am, good luck!

  • Jasha

    Cool idea to have this seeperate from Facebook users too.

  • 1. 1 entry – Comment on this post. (DONE)
    2. 1 entry – Like the post at our Facebook Page here!(DONE)
    3. 1 entry – Visit the Corsair Facebook Page, wait for Their Post and Like them here: ( (DONE)
    4. 1-3
    entries – Share our contest in some way, shape or form (ie. Twitter,
    your FB in a public post, or any other social site). This can gain FB
    users one ballot and non-FB users 3 additional ballots to give them the
    same opportunity as FB users. YOU MUST PROVIDE THIS LINK(S) TO QUALIFY
    5. 1 entry and MANDATORY – Go To our Forum Post here and confirm your five entries by stating and/or providing links.(doing it now)

    those thinking this is far to much trouble, that is a cop out!
    Technically the only true requirement to earn your place in the draw is a
    simple post on our Forum thread and nothing more. But…aren’t 5 entries
    better than 1? (Yes indeed!)

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  • Thank you and GL everyone!

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    Having a chance to win an SSD, not just any SSD, but a Corsair Neutron SSD is a chance of a lifetime!

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  • Awesome Contest of SSD…SSD will increase my gaming Experience.
    hope i win …:)
    Thanks thessdreview for perfect Review of Corsair neutron SSD.

  • Hai ssdreview. Love your site, and I have used it quite a bit to plan out my new system. Thank you so much.

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  • Congrats to the winners!! Jim Lowey of Didsbury Alberta – Neutron 240GB GTX; and
    Ron Smith of Goshen, Indiana – Neutron 240GB SSD Enjoy

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