TRIMcheck: Does Your SSD Really have TRIM Working?


Through a more detailed initial analysis of TRIMcheck by TSSDR Forum members, simple bugs such as the fact that outdated drivers may affect the operation of TRIMcheck were discovered and the software’s author, Vladimir Panteleev (AKA CyberShadow) was invited to join in and provide thought on observations made of the software.

The ensuing workgroup that was formed has allowed Vladimir to provide various scenarios to our group for analysis, this to include a request for input on what elements should be included in a GUI for TRIMcheck.  A user-friendly GUI would certainly make TRIMcheck a more polished, “ready for prime time” software tool.

TRIMcheck image 6

As much as we seem to overlook the value of TRIM, over 6000 reads of this thread in the first five days is testament to its interest.  The information gained by new members, as well as those who have been with us for so long,  is proving to be instrumental in assisting with the development of this  software tool.

Is TRIM really working on your SSD?  Now you experience the reality of TRIM and take comfort in knowing that it is working.  If it isn’t, join the TSSDR Forums and let us help!

Head on over to the “TRIMcheck: A Freeware TRIM Tester” thread or download the software directly here.  Should you experience any difficulties whatsoever, jump into the Forums and become a contributor to progress!

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