SuperTalent About To Unveil Worlds Smallest and Fastest SSD

SuperTalent is about to unveil the worlds fastest mPCIE card with SATA 3 speeds of 354MB/s read and 257 MB/s write respectively

At first glance, this may just seem to be another of the many daily ‘ground breaking’ ssd announcements but there may be a bit more under the surface on this one folks.

This is very exciting news in the laptop industry as it suggests that we will be seeing SATA 3 laptops capable of blistering speeds sooner than imagined.

The fact that this is also a mPCIe card also means that the laptop industry will be finally including SSDs as a boot drive with the hard drive included for increased capacity.

SuperTalent is not stopping yet though!!  They are also introducing a brother to this drive in the PCIe version for those desktop owners who like the idea of storage through PCIe open laneways.  It has the same specs and we stole a shot of this as well.

Please accept our apologies as the quality isn’t the greatest but these are the worlds first pictures of some incredible products, one being the smallest and fastest SSD in the world!!

Both cards are powered by the new Marvell SATA 3 controller and will contain ONFI 2.0 flash and have amazing performance scores as can be seen above but pay attention to something a bit different here.

The 4k random reads are topping out at 38MB/s which is a definite step up and a good thing as this is the disk access method used during startup when the files are read in.  This will bring us that much closer to the ‘instant on’ theory, a characteristic that we all believe computers should have.

The method in which I came about this information is a bit amusing.

Late one night last week, I received a call from a close friend, Peter Carcione, SuperTalents Director of Marketing, who told me to go to a private YouTube video where I saw the first walk through and testing of the engineering samples of these drives.  I was held to NDA and advised as to what I could let out and told to wait until the press release, as per normal.  The next morning, I awoke to an e-mail where Peter simply stated, “Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Its public!”

Thanks for the heads up Peter and, for all, heres a video of the worlds smallest and fastest SSD along with its twin in the PCIe version: