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The SSD DataBase 2.0 Is Live! – Help Us To Add SSDs

Some of you may remember our announcement and implementation of the first SSD DataBase earlier this year, a database that saw just under 100K in visitors for the short time it was up.  This database was the brain child (and a great deal of work) of Rick Mauer and we thank him for that work and envisioning what may now be the most complete SSD database on the internet, and maybe in the world.  Introducing The SSD Database 2.0 by The SSD Review.

TSSDR TechX Database copy

Building on the framework that Rick put together, we listened to the suggestions of dozens of our readers and invested in a much more advanced SSD database, making things almost too good to be true.  Updates found in The SSD Database 2.0 include:


  • a much easier to use GUI where you can search for the SSD of any manufacturer, interface, controller, capacity, as well as product number, type and size of memory;
  • a new word search that allows for partial words and presents you with all that match your term;
  • much faster database returns capable of much more complex searches; and
  • a separate search form in the results page where you can perform a different search or, return to the first to fine tune what you are looking for.

Quite frankly, we believe that this should be a bookmark in the browser of each and every SSD enthusiast in the world!


Now….by no means is our project even near complete and we can use your help.  We have over 550 SSDs on file and the data is not complete for all.  In, fact, we wouldn’t even be surprised if you find an error or two.  That is where you get a chance to be a part of our team! 


Please take a look through and pass on any errors you may find, updates, missing info, and new SSDs, in the form below.  We promise to have The SSD Database 2.0 updated as quickly as possible.  Thanks ahead and enjoy!

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  • iCrunch

    Wow! This is awesome! :)

    • Les@TheSSDReview

      Yup…we will be adding a SSD name selection to it as fer an early suggestion this week as well. We have had great response.