Seagate Highlights M.2 Future SSD Designs at FMS – Flash Memory Summit 2013 Update

As a follow up of our great interview with Gary Gentry and the Seagate Team yesterday, we thought we might bring you for a quick tour of the FMS 2013 Seagate booth, which coincidentally sits right beside SK Hynix (new owner of LAMD controller) and LSI (strategically set with Seagate for SSD future).

Seagate m2 bladeAs you approach the display, we are met by their m.2 designs which we can tell you WILL be LSI SandForce driven.  They will definitely not be a consumer release and performance cannot be spoken of but the word Griffin comes to mind and we can expect to see this put together somewhere in the April area of 2014.  New form factors not being a retail release only make sense with little need.

Seagate m2 Blade 2It is worth noting that these were the only SSDs that the crowd could not get their hands on which only makes sense as the branding sticker would be destroyed from those of trying to get to the controller by days end.

Seagate 1200Seagate 1200 1.8Next up, we have the enterprise Seagate 1200 and it’s newer 1.8″ counterpart SSDs.  The 1200 is available in a 12Gb/s SAS design and capable of 110,000 IOPS.  While the 2.5″ is now a slim 7mm z-height design and available in capacities of 200, 400 and 800GB, the 1.8″ is available in 200 and 400GB capacities.

Seagate 600Seagate 600 ProSeagate also had their 600 and 600 Pro designs on display, these SSDs available at capacities up to 480GB and capable of performance above 500MB/s read and 400MB/s write transfer speeds. Clicking on these pictures will bring you to a much clearer high resolution copy.

The Seagate X8 Accelerator was also on display, showing some great work and partnership with Virident, however, we will just have to blame my camera skills for not getting you a shot front and center.  Check back later and we will see if we get a chance to update with that shot.

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