SanDisk Announces TLC Based Ultra II SSD — Over 90,000 Read IOPS For 50Cents/GB!

SanDisk Corporation, a world-leading producer of flash storage solutions, is announcing the Ultra II SSD, their first TLC memory equipped SSD, which is being targeted to the mainstream notebook and PC market.  Notebook-compatible SSDs continue to increase in capacity, at the same time as they continue to go down in cost.  More and more laptops and notebooks are shipping with pre-installed SSDs rather than traditional HDDs, with even these as potential candidates for capacity and/or performance upgrades.

Ultra II SSD angled

The continued proliferation of tablets and smartphones has driven users to increasingly expect instant-on and immediate response times.  The enhanced multi-tasking capabilities of today’s machines has enabled users to take full advantage of their machines for both work and entertainment.  With all of this increased usage, battery life becomes even more important.

Ultra II SSD everything

SanDisk’s Ultra II SSD delivers up to 28X better performance than a typical hard disk drive (HDD). including quicker boot-up times, application loading and an overall more responsive user experience.  SanDisk was able to enhance the speed and endurance of the Ultra II SSD by utilizing their proprietary nCache 2.0 technology.

Ultra II SSD Dashboard

The Ultra II SSD offers up to 15% longer battery life than even many other SSDs.  Also included is easy-to-use SanDisk SSD Dashboard software for monitoring drive health and status, as well as drive management options such as overprovisioning and secure erase.  Cloning software is also included to simplify migrating your system to your new SanDisk Ultra II SSD.

Ultra II SSD performance specs

SanDisk’s Ultra II SSD features sequential read speeds of (up to) 550MB/s, with sequential write speeds of (up to) 500MB/s.  Random read speeds vary by drive capacity, with the 120GB at 81,000 IOPS, the 240GB at 91,000 IOPS, the 480GB at 98,000 IOPS and the 960GB at 99,000 IOPS.  Random write speeds do not vary much by drive capacity, with the 120GB at 80,000 IOPS and all other capacities at 83,000 IOPS.

Ultra II SSD 240GB comparison

As NAND process geometries continue to shrink, we are seeing drive capacities continue to increase within the same 2.5″ x 7mm form factor.  SanDisk is offering the Ultra II SSD in capacities of 120GB, 240GB, 480GB and a whopping 960GB.  All versions are backed by a three-year warranty.  SanDisk is targeting the 240GB version to be around 50cents/GB ($120) at launch.


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Am I correct that this is the same size as will fit in my MacBook Air as a had at 240 gb?


If your Mackbook air uses a Hard Disk then it will fit. If it uses flash storage then I’m not sure. Did you mean to type ‘HDD’ when you typed ‘had’ ?.

Benjamin Hojnik
Benjamin Hojnik

I wonder what write speeds can this pull off, when SLC runs out..