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SandForce Driven Intel SSD Gets Closer To Reality

As much as we had the first scoop (albeit an educated guess) on this story months back, we have to give complete credit to VR-Zone for having the true inside track on all Intel news as they have shown themselves to be the leader in Intel document leaks!

VR-Zone has recently learned that the date for the new Intel Series 520 ‘Cherryville’ SSD release will be November 4th and that the Intel 520 Series will replace the Intel 510 of lesser performance.

Although there is no mention, the listed capacities of 60, 120, 160, 240 and 480GB run in line with capacities seen in other ‘SandForce Driven’ SSDs as over provisioning and firmware needs generally require a set amount of space to maintain the lifespan and performance of the SSD. Once again, this is ONLY an educated guess, however, speeds described by VR-Zone of 520MB/s read and 500MB/s write seem to resemble what we generally see from the SF-2281 processor now.  Here is a look once again at the alleged Intel SSD – 5Q Mobile Roadmap!

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