Samsung TurboWrite Adds Up To 3X Speed to 840 EVO SSDs – 2013 Samsung SSD Global Summit Update

With their introduction of the 840 Evo, Samsung has introduced a proprietary TurboWrite Technology which significantly increases the performance of the Samsung 840 Evo family, the top increases being seen in lower capacity SSDs.  As an example, where a Samsung 840 may have displayed write performance up to 140MB/s yesterday, the new EVO will increase to 410MB/s.  Similarly, the 250GB jumps from 270MB/s to 520MB/s.  TurboWrite Technology is a high performance buffer.

Samsung Turbo Write Performance

Much like that of SanDisk’s nCache, Samsung’s TurboWrite Technology dedicates a certain portion of NAND flash memory to simulate SLC memory, which in turn becomes a pure write buffer that caches all incoming writes.  The stored data subsequently completes its storage trip to the memory during idle time and, should the buffer become full prior to this, data is routed directly to the main memory as required.  The amount of memory dedicated to TurboWrite varies, depending on SSD capacity, the 840 EVO 1TB SSD having a massive 12GB TurboWrite buffer.

Samsung Turbo Write Buffer Size

The definite positive that we are seeing in TurboWrite is that fact that Samsung is able to provide hard numbers that tell us what it is capable of.  Too many times in the past we have heard of this or that caching solution where we were left more than a bit confused as we didn’t receive a definitive answer to what the caching solution actually provided and when.  Performance of Samsung 840 Evo is right there for us to see and the result of TurboWrite Technology.

840 EVO Picture