Samsung Announces SM843T SSD With eMLC Memory For 4x The Endurance – ceBIT Germany 2013 Update

Our visit to the Samsung display at ceBIT 2013 this morning resulted in the discovery of a new release of their SM843 SSD in a ‘T’ version with four times the endurance. An associate at the booth credited the endurance boost to a new eMLC version of their 21nm 64Gb memory along with specific firmware enhancements. The present SM843 is capable of 1 (120GB), 2 (240GB) and 4PB (480GB) TBW per day at 64KB sequential write access.

Samsung SM843T Display

The new SM843T will have a TBW of 2,4, 8, and 16PB at capacities of 120, 240, 480 and 960GB, these capacities of course recognizing a 7% over provisioning to achieve such. Performance for the SM843T is listed at 500MB/s read and 400MB/s write with a high of 60,000 IOPS. Although price could not be revealed, Samsung believes there to only be a 25% cost increase between the SM843 and SM843T, noting that the SM843T release would not result in the phasing out of the SM843. In addition to the endurance increase, Samsung has also added tantal capacitors for power loss protection of data.