OWC Announces Mercury AccelsiorM PCIe Card For Integration of mSATA SSDs into Desktop Systems

OWC has today announced  a little something that the SSD industry seems to have overlooked, but had to find its way to the surface eventually.

This is a PCIe Controller Card that accommodates mSATA SSDs and it has been aptly named the OWC Mercury AccelsiorM PCIe Controller Card.  Given its ability, I am sure we will be seeing one of these in, at least, the systems of SSD reviewers soon enough.

Its use goes much farther than that though.  The AccelsiorM accommodates any 50mm mSATA SSD and is fully bootable with SATA 3 performance up to speeds of 380MB/s.  In short, it now expands the capability of older desktop systems and allows the OS and application installation on the AccelsiorM, pulling in SATA 3 speeds and lightning fast SSD startups.

The Mercury AccelsiorM will have a MSRP of only $49.95 and enhances storage capabilities of any system by adding the ability to simply pop in a mSATA SSD for storage.  Even now, it is possible to combine this solution with a popular 256GB SSD and still remain under the street price of several other mSATA SSDs of the same capacity.

At the end of the day, full credit has to go to OWC Founder and CEO Larry O’Connor, and the OWC team, who have been able to remain at the front of the pack in SSD technology innovation.  Originally marketing the Mercury 3G and 6G SSDs, they then stepped up to the plate by complimenting their line with the Mercury Accelsior PCIe Card, Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G SSD, Aura Pro SSDs and now thefully PC/Mac bootable Mercury AccelsiorM.

See the Press release on P.2…