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OCZ Unveils Vector PCIE SSD at CES 2013 Las Vegas

Our visit with OCZ at the Venetian in Las Vegas this morning resulted in a close up of their new flagship Vector PCIe consumer SSD that is expected to be released sometime in the next quarter of this year.  The Vector PCIE SSD is driven by two Indilinx Barefoot 3 controllers and is available in 240, 480 and 960GB capacities with a five year warranty.


Capable of read and write performance of up to 1GB/s and IOPS at 140,000 IOPS, the Vector PCIe is targeted at content creators, gamers, enthusiasts and would be ideal for those working extensively in video, music or photography fields.


OCZ also had the vector hooked up to one of their systems that displayed expected results from both ATTO and IOMeter benchmark software.


Exact pricing has not been set just yet but we could expect this SSD to run somewhere in the area of $1.40 to $1.70 per GB on release, depending on capacity.

  • Woah… that’s going to come in well over $1000 for a near 1TB version. Wonder what it would be in a couple years! Can’t wait til when I can buy a 1TB SSD for $100.

  • dravo1

    Geeze, I look at these things and wonder where they fit in in the virtualization world. These just have to smoke. Someone needs to come up with a nice VMware benchmark suite of tests.

    • I want to see more coverage of their enterprise software. I’d love to see some sort of comparison with all the PCIe venders with caching/virtualization software.

  • A||uSiOn

    I am so confused…the RevoDrive x2 3 is 200,000iops and 1.5GB/sec……. Why go backwards? Please tell me I am mistaken some how…

    • The Revo 3 x2 uses 4 SF2000 controllers. This is a Revo 3 replacement (which only used 2 SF2000 controllers).

      • A||uSiOn

        Ah so the cost will be less than the Revo x2 3 😛 lol