OCZ To Release New Vertex 460 Retail SSD – CES 2014 Update

Our visit to OCZ at CES 2014 brought forward news that they have been working on a new consumer SSD, this SSD being the first example of things to come as it is the result of a new partnership between OCZ and Toshiba.  Not only does the new Vertex 460 contain Toshiba’s latest advanced 19nm MLC Toggle Mode NAND flash memory, but also, the Barefoot 3 M10 controller is the final product of both OCZ and Toshiba as a team.

OCZ Vertex 460 3x5

Unfortunately, this SSD wasn’t set up and on display within a system so we couldn’t even suggest a few benchmarks, however, they did include a new spec sheet for the 460:

OCZ 460 Specs

As you can see here, the Vertex 460 appears to be very impressive in mixed workload performance and we will be able to report on this soon enough as we have a sample in hand.  For now though, here is a look at the enterprise products on display.  If we get a chance, we will throw in a bit of a follow up, at least on the new Z-Drive 4500:

OCZ Z-Drive

OCZ Intrepid

OCZ Pic 2

Last but not least, for those of you holding your breath to see if the OCZ name changes anytime soon, word on the street is that they will remain OCZ for some time to come!