Mushkin Atlas 480GB SSD Now Largest mSATA SSD Available

Mushkin Atlas FeaturedMushkin pushed out another first recently and announced the first consumer availability of a mSATA SSD in the 480GB capacity, these SSDs now selling out in retailers nationwide.

The Mushkin Atlas 480GB SSD is a LSI SandForce Driven device that consists of modules of Micron NAND flash memory, each being 64GB in capacity.  The highlight of this announcement, though, comes in consumer pricing.

Looking at Amazon, the price of the Mushkin 480GB Atlas is only $479.99 which puts this drive at the $1/GB mark dead on, something totally unexpected for such a new release without similar availability yet from other manufacturers.

Mushkin 2

Performance for the Atlas 480GB SSD is specified at 540MB/s read and 425MB/s write with about 85,000 IOPS at low 4k random write aligned disk access and it comes with a standard three year limited warranty. Watch for our review of the Atlas soon enough!

Check out Mushkin Atlas 480GB pricing at Amazon!