Intel Finally Announces That TRIM Is Supported In RAID 0 With Intel RST Ver. 11 and Newer

Well it is finally official! Not five minutes ago, we received word from Intel that Intel RST drivers Ver. 11 and newer offers TRIM support for RAID 0, but ONLY on  MS Windows 7 operating systems with Intel 7 series chipsets.  Older chipsets are not supported.

Intel is also presently working on a solution that allows TRIM in RAID 0 for Windows 8 systems with the new 7 series chipsets. To say this is long awaited news just may be a bit of an understatement.

To make it official though, Dan Snyder, PR Manager of Intel Corporation, can be quoted as such:

“Trim on RAID 0 for SSDs is supported in the Intel RST driver versions 11.0 and newer. Currently available for the general public on Intels downloads site is RST driver version 11.2 which offers TRIM support on RAID 0 compatible with MS Windows 7 OS on Intel 7 series chipsets (earlier chipsets NOT supported). Intel is also working on a future release providing support for TRIM on RAID 0 on Microsoft Windows 8 OS for Intel 7 series chipsets. ”