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Intel 512GB Pro 6000P M.2 NVMe SSD $187 at Amazon!

Well, if you are looking for an unbeatable tech deal for your loved one this Christmas, or just trying to sneak some more cheap PC stuff under your loved ones nose, the Intel 6000P is the way to do it!

Intel SSD

Now priced at $187, this solid state drive is capable of up to 1.8GB/s transfer speeds, and at 36 cents a gigabyte,  this just may be a price mistake?!?!

International Amazon Check this Link:  Check Amazon Now!!

  • jsfitz54

    So where does one get FIRMWARE support or WARRANTY support for this OEM/ HP SSD?
    Price is not the only factor.

    • Bla

      There is a 5yr warranty via MDD but the FW support will be up to HP.

      • jsfitz54

        So why don’t you put up some links for those support sites?