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Flash Memory Summit 2013 Show Preview – Exclusive Pre-Show Piks!

Featured  As you can see by this shot, the wrappings aren’t even off of the Flash Memory Summit 2013 display case yet and we have  some great shots to give a bit of an idea what we are in for this year.

Get ready for it folks because the world of flash technology is about to explode!  Here are a few of the sites on display, without description, as we are already late for a Toshiba meeting this morning.



Seagate 11Seagate 2SK HYNIX

SKHynix2SKHynix 3OCZ


Wait a minute!!!!  Were they actually Seagate m.2 SSDs we were seeing???   Stay tuned for more!!!


  • Zaxx

    Yep…but Seagate is using SandForce…hopefully a next gen SF-3000 family member with specs of 1.8GB/s read AND write…w00t!

    • Yes…. Seagate and LSI SandForce are strategically aligned or SSD development in the future.

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