Five Year Seagate HDD Warranties Slashed To One Year Yet SSD Warranties Continue To Rise

It is a sure sign of the times as we see many SSDs reaching the five year warranty mark, all the while hard drive warranties are being cut from five years to a year.

Following this tend of increasing SSD warranty periods, Seagate and Western Digital have slashed warranties on many of their most popular HDDs.  According to PC World, the warranty for bare Seagate hard drives has plummeted from five years all the way down to a paltry one year of coverage.

Even Seagates’ newly released second generation Momentus XT, which has seen favorable reviews as a high capacity alternative to SSDs, has had a modest warranty cut, being trimmed down from five years to three.

This couldn’t come at a worse time for the magnetic storage industry, as prices have been rising steadily for quite some time now due to the flooding in Thailand. This news simply adds fuel to the fire, giving consumers yet another incentive to avoid mechanical hard drives. It’s interesting that both companies are downsizing their warranties at around the same time, and in doing so, potentially implicating their common manufacturing difficulties as the cause (though a WD representative expressly denied that the flooding of facilities was a major contributing factor).

Seagate seems to be the more extreme of the two companies, as the warranty reductions span across their entire consumer product line. Western Digital, on the other hand, has taken a more conservative path, with the warranty change only affecting its lower end products. Caviar Black, Scorpio Black, and Velociraptor drives will all retain five year coverage.

The saga continues, and as we roll into the next year, it seems the storage market it set to face sweeping and long lasting changes which can only benefit potential buyers of SSDs. Keep an eye on those prices people!