Allone Cloud Disk Drive 101 Reaches Half Mil IOPS – Computex 2014 Update

A bit of a gem that we got our mitts on for testing back at the office this year at Computex is the new Cloud Disk Drive 101 IOI RamDisk.   Taking a close look at this device, you just may notice, not only Kingston laptop memory modules, but also 3 SD card slots.

Allone CloudDisk - 09

The Allone Cloud Disk Drive 101 is  run by Allones exclusive RamCore 5338 controller and uses SODIMM memory to create a RAMDisk of up to 500K IOPS.  It has backup battery power and 6 SD card slots that serve as a backup solution should a power failure occur.

Allone CloudDisk - 02

As can be seen in this picture, the Allone Cloud Disk Drive 101 is pushing over a half mil IOPS which even we would never have expected from such a device.

Allone CloudDisk - 01

This is most definitely a very interesting item and, at a MSRP of $15000 retail, is obviously something we wanted to have in our hands for testing… stay tuned!

Allone CloudDisk - 08