Acer Unexpectedly Introduces New SSD Form Factor In S7 Ultrabook

I live for days like today.  In less than 24 hours, I will be sitting back on some white sand Honduran beach in front of my villa yet my excitement is still right here in the SSD storage world; and so it should be.  As it stands, we just ripped open a brand new Acer S7 because we had to see the very first ultra in the world with two SATA 3 mSATA connections.  After all, this has to be as the S7 can easily spit out performance of just under 1GB/s…doesn’t it?


What would you say if we told you that SOMEHOW this is being done with only a single SSD, the SSD being a Lite-On mSATA 256GB SSD that we believe houses two separate SSDs, these each having 128GB in capacity and their own controller.  The difficulty we are encountering is the fact that it plugs in just as every other SSD and appears to be a SATA 3 mSATA connection. Then how is 940MB/s even possible?  Let’s take a closer look.

mSATA FrontmSATA BackAs we can see, both sides of the SSD appear to be exact.  Each side contains the Marvell 88S9175 SATA 3 controller, two modules of Toshiba 24nm 64GB Toggle Mode NAND Flash Memory, Nanya DRAM cache and what we believe to be a Winbond I/O controller.  The dilemma occurs when we examine the mSATA interface as it appears to be the same as all others.  Here’s a look at the bios:


Is it possible that this is a custom design where the pins on each side are separate and proprietary to the SSD of that particular side?  We hope to return from the Honduras with some answers but for now, check out these benchmarks.


Taking a look at ATTO, we would never have thought it possible to push 942MB/s read and 683MB/s write performance from an ultraportable.  It gets better yet as this SSD has weeks of use on it and over 750GB in total writes.  This is the performance of a system that has been under the guns of many reviewers already.


Crystal DiskMark might be just a bit lower and those are definitely the lowest 4K-QD32 reads we have seen in a while but, the low 4K random writes are the highest we have ever seen from testing here at The SSD Review; once again from one of the worlds smallest ultrabooks in the world.

Heading off to the Hondura’s now and the son is pretending not to prepare for one heck of a party while we are gone.  Stay tuned as we get you an update on return and also throw in a complete review on the Acer S7 Ultrabook.