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The Silverstone CW02, with the black brushed-aluminum exterior, has a classy look which stands apart from most other cases. The front panel sports a nice LCD screen that posts information on whatever you set it up to display.  This is another great addition. Hiding the I/O area behind a door helps keep a nice, clean, minimalist look to the CW02.

With the case being as big as it is, the wire management was tolerable, considering that it did not have any built-in solutions.

With a little bit of time and thinking, we got the wires hidden away pretty well.

Full story at TechReaction.

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Believe it or not my interest in computers started before most of my generation even knew what one was. It was that interest and a move to Goose Bay, Labrador that began what would turn out to be a major turning point after the purchase of my first computer. The rest is history as they say.

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