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OCZ Vertex 2 RAID Testing @ TechREACTION

Solid State Drives are known for there incredible access times and massive sustained write speeds. A single SandForce controller-based SSD can push the limits of the SATA II interface.

This leads to faster Windows boot times, application loading and a snappier desktop feel.

OCZ Vertex 2 drives were among the first to bring the SF-1200 to the enthusiast community and have received numerous commendations as a result.

The OCZ Vertex 2 60GB review was enough to make this reviewer take a RAID0 Velociraptor set up and install it into older, slower PCs, because a modern system should not be hung up on dated storage technology.

If a single SSD is enough to knock the socks off of a jaded enthusiast, what would five OCZ Vertex 2 40GB drives do?

With laces double knotted and belt cinched tight, these 5 drives are connected to a second generation Intel Core i7 computer and run through the paces to find out exactly what they will do.

Full story at Tech REACTION.

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