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Technology Editor, covering SSDs and every other piece of interesting engineering you can think of. I’ve been intimately involved with computer hardware since 1998, and haven’t looked back. There’s always something new to learn about in this industry, and I wouldn’t have it any other way…….

PNY Introduces New Line Of Professional SSDs As Extras Become Essential

PNY Technology, well known for its storage and graphics products, has announced the release of its fourth generation Professional SSD line. The new LSI Sandforce based SSDs will deliver read and write speeds of 550MB/s and 520MB/s as well as random write performance of 60,000 4k IOPS. The ‘Professional’ series will be available in capacities of 120GB, 240GB and 480GB. Pricing starts …

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Buffalo Announces It’s First Internal SSD As Survival Of The Fittest Becomes The Standard

Buffalo Technology, well known for their networking and storage solutions, has apparently released their very first internal SSD. Dubbed the SSD-NS/PM3P, the drive will be available in capacities of 128, 256 and 512GB, each of which will offer read speeds of 500MB/s, 513MB/s and 479MB/s respectively, according to Crystal Disk Mark. The drives will initially be available in Japan, with prices …

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OCZ Launches SANRAD-VXL Storage Accelerator As Caching Becomes Par For The Course

OCZ has announced the release of their new SANRAD-VXL Storage Accelerator. The VXL is a flash caching solution targeted at enterprise environments and will also provide VM-Ware acceleration. It can be paired with OCZ’s Z-Drive R4 CloudServ SSD and will also provide support for traditional iSCSI and FC storage. OCZ’s SANRAD-VXL will be available immediately. In an attempt to get this …

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Toshiba Enters Consumer HDD Market As WD/Hitachi Merger Hangs In The Balance

A little over two months ago, Seagate completed its acquisition of Samsung’s hard drive division, leaving only three major players in the magnetic storage industry. Actually, not quite three, as Toshiba remained as well. The problem was that this veritable “David” wasn’t actually in any position to take on what were the three remaining “Goliaths” of this industry. The reality …

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Greenliant Announces NANDrive Embedded SSDs – Advancing Flexibility And Innovation

Greenliant, well known for their power efficient SSDs targeted at industrial and embedded applications, has announced the release of their NANDrive line at Embedded World. Initially available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities, NANDrive is one of the world’s smallest SSDs, weighing in at 14mm x 24mm x 1.95mm. NANDrive will be offered in a 145 BGA package, is resistant …

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Runcore Showcases Products At Satellite 2012 As Space Beckons For SSDs

Runcore, well known for their SSDs and storage solutions, has announced that they will be showcasing a myriad of products at Satellite 2012. For those who don’t know, Satellite focuses on (try to act surprised) the satellite industry, attracting numerous interested parties (military, broadcast, enterprise, mobile, telcos). The show also highlights products of immediate relevance to the industry. This naturally includes …

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SMART Optimus Ultra SAS SSD Capable of 1GB/s Transfer and 100,000 IOPS Performance

SMART Storage Systems, well known for their high performance memory and storage products, has announced the release of their Optimus Ultra SSD. Utilizing a SAS interface, the Optimus will offer a sustained transfer rate of 1GB/s and random read/write performance of 100k and 60k IOPS, respectively. The Optimus  will be available in capacities ranging from 150GB to 1.2TB, which makes it …

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Tegile Systems Emerges With Hybrid SSD Array – Joins Starboard In Enterprise Storage Fray

Tegile Systems, which came into existence on Tuesday, has announced the release of their Zebi hybrid SSD storage array. According to Tegile, SSD Acceleration will allow Zebi to offer up to 5 times the performance of conventional storage arrays. The array will also utilize in-line compression and de-duplication, allowing businesses to save on storage space, enabling them to make the …

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