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Josh Zale

Technology Editor, covering SSDs and every other piece of interesting engineering you can think of. I’ve been intimately involved with computer hardware since 1998, and haven’t looked back. There’s always something new to learn about in this industry, and I wouldn’t have it any other way…….

IO-Data Announces SSDN-3TB SSDs With New Toshiba SATA 3 SSD Controller

IO-Data, well known for its myriad storage products, has announced their latest SSD model, SSDN-3TB. Built around a new Toshiba 6Gbps storage controller, it will deliver read and write speeds of up to 480 MB/s and 350MB/s respectively. In addition, random performance is pegged at 73k IOPS for reads and 58k IOPS when it comes to writes. Initially available in …

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Toshiba Releases NPEngine As Streaming Looks Set To Strengthen SSD Sales

Toshiba Corporation has announced the release of their NPEngine SSD to IP solution. Optimized for the speedy transfer of video streams, the new product offers an unprecedented approach to providing high bandwidth video content across networks. NPEngine is capable of delivering up to 64,000 streams at 40 Gbits per second from SSDs directly to a network, surpassing the capabilities of …

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Novachip Releases NVS3600A SSD Controller Propelling SSD Competition Forward

Novachips, a Korean firm well known for their high performance storage products, is releasing a new high performance SSD controller into the wild. Dubbed NVS3600A, the processor will be capable of providing read/write speeds of up to 530MB/s and 520MB/s respectively. The controller will also deliver a commanding 60,000 4k IOPS, putting it on par with the best LSI Sandforce has …

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SNIA Hopes To Standardize PCIe SSDs As Industry Gets Set For Major Shift

SNIA, who’s stated goal is “to promote acceptance, deployment, and confidence in storage-related architectures, systems, services, and technologies, across IT and business communities”, has announced that they will be forming a PCIe SSD Taskforce. This taskforce is charged with the duty of coordinating and providing guidance to the PCIe SSD marketplace. Their campaign will apparently include educational materials, best practices …

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BitFenix Raider Mid-Tower Gaming Case Review

BitFenix may be known to many of you for their sleek and innovative case designs, which allow them to stand out against the competition. It is their attention to detail, both inside and out, that enables them to catch the eye of potential consumers. Today, we will be looking at their latest Raider model, which looks primed to continue the …

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Super Talent Upstream SSD Aimed Squarely At The Consumer – Market Set For Shower Of New Products

Super Talent, making their presence known at this year’s CeBit, has announced the imminent release of their UpStream PCIe SSD. The LSI Sandforce based card on display will deliver read and write speeds of 1GB/s and 900MB/s respectively and will be offered in capacities of 220GB, 460GB and 960GB. Super Talent hopes to have the card released in April and we hope to …

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